Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bingsoo Craze: Bing Go Authentic Korean Dessert Cafe

Hi guys, it's been a long time isn't it? This is Ailsa and we're really sorry that we've took weeks off because we've been so caught up with our mid-exam, the preparation, and other stuff (cry). Anyway, i'm so excited to write this post! Wondering why? Well, i will introduce you to another newly open Bingsu Cafe that will become our favorite dessert place in town yeayyyy. Bingsu is pretty popular nowadays so i think the business work smoothly and now there are many places that especially serve Bingsu owned by real Korean including Bing Go. Curious what's so special about Bing Go? Let's go!

Located in the Upper Ground Floor of Gandaria City Mall, you can easily find Bing Go just accross Nanny's Pavilon. The place was quite big, with outdoor seats, and really bright with those pretty lights on. We went there on weekday so the place wasn't crowded.

Pretty lamp decoration

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NEWLY OPEN! Snow-it Korean Bingsu!

Good news for all bingsu lover! We are exciting to announce that there's a newly open Bingsu dessert shop at Kemang! Located in front of Anomali and KOI Kemang, you can find it on the left before the traffic light (from MCD Kemang direction). They place has two-stories building with typical Korean cute interior. The place is owned by Korean brothers. So if you expect to meet cute oppas, you can visit here as one of the references! lol

So, actually me and Ailsa were invited to a meeting by pergikuliner. They recommended us to visit this place for our meeting venue. Since we both are dessert lovers, we couldn't agree more! So, we decided to taste this newly opened bingsu shop. Yey!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 1 - Busan : Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach+Diamond Bridge

Did anyone here watch Korean drama “Reply 1997”? If you’ve watched it then you must be aware that they used Busan as their background right? From then on, I really love Busan for no exact reason lol. So after consider other aspect, me and my parents decided to go to Busan rather than Jeju Island. Yes, this post will mark as the start of my story-telling about my trip to South Korea yeay! Hahaha I sound too excited.

Busan is the second largest city in S.Korea after Seoul. Located in the South part of S.Korea, Busan has a big port that always busy with cargo activities and alongside with that Busan also has numerous beach, river, and also mountain which always attracts mainly local tourist. Busan is a perfect place if you come to Korea in summer. To speak frankly, tourist that come to Busan mostly are local tourists lol I rarely saw foreigners there but well it’s a not-to-miss-city, so let’s hear my story in Busan!

Friday, August 28, 2015

10D/9N Busan and Seoul Backpacker Itinerary, Accomodation, Backpacker's Tips!

Hello! This is Ailsa writing and this post will be our first post about Travelling! Some of you maybe know that recently i went to South Korea for a holiday. This is my second time been to Korea but actually my first time as a backpacker because my parents usually just go with a travel. This is actually a pre-post hahaha yes i will write my travel stories including directions and so on and divided it to many parts since i spent 10 days in Busan and Seoul so please wait for it! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sophie Authentique: The Authentique Beauty of French Pastries

Happy Independence day Indonesia! Since Ailsa is leaving for 10 days, I'll be in charge taking care of this blog. I hope at last she will bring us some good materials to be featured here. lol. So, two weeks before her departure, I went to Sophie with her and one of our college friend. Actually right after our visit to jjang. At first we were confused to which sophie we should be visited to. I just knew lately that this one is the branch of that ones located at Kemang Selatan, my bad.

I had visited both Sophie and I could tell that, by far, this one is bigger than their first shop at Kemang Selatan. Dominated by blue, I really like the interior here. It is both sophisticated and comfy. They also have parking lot which I don't find in the ones at Kemang Selatan. lol. Even if I found it more homey in Kemang Selatan, it still troubles me with the no-parking-lot-area.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Korean Jjajangmyeon Noodles - Jjang Korean Noodles and Grill

Hi hi! Who is a fans of Korean drama? If you are, then you must be familiar with the Black Bean Noodles or Jjajangmyeon right? For those who don’t know, Jjajangmyeon is a mix Korean and Chinese cuisine which is a noodle with thick black bean soy sauce that always ordered as an take out or delivery in Korean drama. There are so many korean restaurant now in Jakarta but it’s really hard to find Jjajangmyeon especially a no-pork restaurant. But! There’s a new restaurant in Senopati that sell Jjajangmyeon and of course other Korean foods withouth pork and lizard meat, it’s Jjang-Korean Noodles and Grill!

Located at the main street of Senopati, Jjang is on the 2nd floor of Kambing Bakar Cairo and just across Born Ga Restaurant. We went there with one of our friend and it was lunch but there were only couple of seats that equipped. The place wasn’t big, actually it was pretty small but with the Korean scenery wallpaper and the wooden theme, the ambiance of Jjang will really makes you feel like you’re in Korea!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 3: See You Bandung!

Welcome back everyone, how are you?? We're back from long Holiday! First we want to say Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all our Muslim friends all over the world! May the joy be with us guys. Here is the third part of my three-days trip to Bandung! Yeah right, this is Bella's writting here. lol. Without much unnecessary explaination, let me start my third day journey!

So, since this is the last day, I actually wanted to gather and meet all my friends this day. Too bad, most of them are busy preparing the exams since its on their exam week. Fortunately, I got to meet my other bestfriend on my very last day in Bandung. She used to be my partner in crime pal in term of shopping and culinary trips. We both share the same hobbies; never worry to spend money on things you like. lol.

Jump on to the foods I want to review here, I went to Hakata Ikkousha Bandung. I know that I can find it in Jakarta too, but what makes it special here is that they only serve halal foods. So, for you who really curious about this ramen but never try to taste it since you are afraid of what it contains, you can come to Bandung for a worry free Hakata Ikkousha ramen!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Hair Color Transformation, Mise en Scene Review, and Some Tips!

Hi guys! This post originally is in one post with the Etude House Hot Style Bubble Review but i realise that it will be too long so i split it up! This post will be telling you about my hair color transformation during a year and Mise en Scene Coloring Review also some useful tips from me before you decide to try coloring your hair! Don’t miss it!

So, the first time i dyed my hair was a year ago. I was really curious about hair coloring because after graduating from high school some of my friend already dyeing their hair. So when i was strolling around a mall and visit Etude House store, i saw they have hair coloring product (it was around 86k that time) and after persuing my mom (lol) i finally bought it. I bought Etude House Hot Style Bubble Natural Brown because i really didn’t want it to be too bright for my first time so yeah. You can see the step by step how to apply it here, it’s my review of the same Etude House coloring product but different color yet the package in the box is the same tho.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Etude House Hot Style Bubble Gold Blonde Review

We’re sorry that we need to postponed this post because the draft were suddenly missing so i need to re-write it huhu. So, Ailsa is here and this post will be our first post that won’t talk about foods! I will be reviewing Etude House Hot Style Bubble Coloring yeay! As you can notice maybe from our blog’s intro photos or my social media that i dye my hair to more look like golden bronze since a year ago and you can read my hair full transfromation here. But for now, i will be reviewing Etude House’s product!

It’s been a year since i dye my hair with this color and 8 months since i covered the black roots, so i think this is the perfect time to recoloring my hair besides my hair’s black roots already growing out around 6 cm also the color is already faded, it annoys me. The last time i dye my hair with Mise en Scene Vanilla Gold, but it was really hard to find it here so i searched for another similar color then i went to Etude House and finally chose Hot Style Bubble Gold Blonde (108k)! Maybe now they already run out of stocks because i was practically search to some Etude House store but they just have the black one ergh. I found mine at Kota Kasablanka’s store and it was the last stock ( c r y ). Enough with the story, now let’s reviewing!

Another choice of color

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 2: Happy Birthday to You!

Hello everyone! First, we want to apologize for this late post. Actually Ailsa had already prepared for the next post when I was in Solo, but I accidentally removed it:( I wasn't literally trying to remove it though, but shit happened on blogger, it changed the post and doubled our kyochon's post. If you happened to check our blog during that time, we are sorry for the trouble guys.

So, as our apologize, here is the second post of three days trip's to Bandung! As I told you, I was here to celebrate my bestfriend's birthday. Happy 21st Birthday to DWINIA AQMARINA!! She's one of my best pals when I was still in Unpad. We live very close and spend (almost) everything together each day. I miss living my days in Bandung with her:")

Happy Birthday My Lovely Dede!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chickin and Chickin at Kyochon!

Hellow~ This is Ailsa again! Who can say no to fried chicken??? I'm judging you really hard right now because no one can ever resist fried chicken okay. One day, me and bella strolling around Gandaria City and despite we already have so many foods and desserts, we just can't resist the 20% off at Kyochon. So we decided to eat at Kyochon as evening "snacks" ((what)), but now we will be reviewing the one at Kota Kasablanka! Please excuse our badly taken photos because we're just getting started of our foods-photography-thingy back then.

Located at Upper Ground level of Food Society, just like the other restaurant at the same row, Kyochon has half-open places at outside and at inside near the cashier. Last year i went to Seoul for Summer School and i realized that you can easily find Kyochon at tourists attraction. But truthfully i've never tried Kyochon at Seoul, just because there're so many local restaurants that sell the same chicken ((even better)) as Kyochon and there's Kyochon in Jakarta so i can just try it the one at Jakarta he he. The ambiance was just like the one at Seoul minus handsome oppars of course and who can miss Lee MinHo's photos as the ambassador tho? lol. If you realise, i named the title of this post with Chickin not Chicken anyone know why? Because that's how Koreans read Chicken in hangul hahaha.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 1: A Place to Remember

Hi everyone, this is Bella writing! From all the posts we have published, it is the first post I've ever wrote myself, because usually it's Ailsa who's in charge of writing reviews. But, since it's my personal travelling experience and she didn't partake in this journey, unfortunately I can't ask her to write it for me. lol. Anyways, I had three days full of eating experience in Bandung. Therefore, I'm gonna divide the post into three parts. I hope these posts can help you in choosing decent cafes or restaurants in Bandung!

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in Bandung. Since I had once live in Bandung for a year and still regularly going there up until now, a lot of friends often ask my recommendation on cafes or restaurants when they go there. Sadly, my mind goes automatically blank after hearing that question. Even when I'm in Bandung, me and my friends always debate about where to eat since there's too many food places. Sometimes, we ended up at that one place again, and again. What worse is that there's no zomato in Bandung. So, I kindda have no clue where to seek for good recommendation.

Learning from that experience, I'm happy to say that now I have a platform where I can share my culinary journey in Bandung. Almost all the hippiest cafes in Bandung I've been to, up to the extent that I had it enough. So now, I'm more into local food. Unfortunately when I went there last June, there were a lot of local food restaurants that closed due to fasting-month holiday. Well then maybe, I'll post about it later in my next visit.

Honestly the reason why I went to Bandung was because of my bestfriend's birthday. On the first day, I didn't get to meet her because she had something to do. So, I went to Tizi's with my other friends after wandering around for an hour, looking for a restaurant that meets our taste for breakfasting. As I've told you before, a lot of restaurant closed due to the start of fasting month holiday. Fortunately, when we went there, it's open! Tizi's is a classic steak house located in Dago Atas (not far after MCD simpang). If you are from Bandung, you should know how iconic this place is. I recall to have my 20th birthday lunch here last year. There since have been me and my pals' favorite restaurant.

The place is kindda spacious with a yard in the middle of it, filled with a lot of flowers and plants. It is indeed really green, which makes the air here really fresh and cool. They also have their own little bakery shop, selling traditional dutch pastries, but I didn't get to take the pictures of it. So sorry:(

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MDL: Local Taste with Western Touch

Who haven't gone for breakfasting with friends in this Ramadhan month? We're sure everyone already did at least once. So, last Thursday we have breakfasting with our peer group in UI "Geng Makan". It was actually quite hard to find restaurant with no pork menu nowadays, so we decided to go for Indonesian food at MDL, Kota Kasablanka! You can easily find MDL which located at Ground Floor of Food Society. The place has really elegant interior that scream expensive from outside lol. But you can feel a great ambiance especially from the interior. The place wasn't actually that spacious but not cramped either.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Black House: Different Theme in One Place

Hi guys! This is Ailsa writing, first, I want to say that from now on we will be posting regularly every 2 or 3 days. So, make sure to catch it up!  Now, I will be reviewing a cute-yet-chic place, Black House, Senopati! I'm so lucky to get invited by Zomato for my first foodie meet-up last month. I'm so excited when the invitation arrived hahaha i've been posting so many review and gain pretty much followers from then lol. Kay enough with the excitement, let's go to hear my story!

At first i thought i lost the way there because the road was dark but it turned that Black House located in a neighborhood. Don't worry! Eventhough it was dark, it was a quite environment which was different from another restaurant at Senopati that mostly took place at the main road and I personally really like quite place so i really like their environment!

Judging from the title maybe you guys already guess what's the main attraction of Black House? Yes, it's their different unique theme that they set for every floor! Black house itself is a 4 storey building which was originally the owner's house, that explains why it was located in a neighborhood. 

When all of us arrived, we got a tour to all part of Black House by Kak Chewy. Our original table was on the 1st floor which devided by 3 different theme which are Coffee Area, Boutique Area, and Book Area. In this floor they also have a store that sells clothes and other stuff like that, you must visit it if you want to shop for some cool clothes! It was quite dark in this floor and even if you come at noon, this floor will always be dark because it's not an open place where you can expect the sun coming from the windows (there's no window tho). This floor is pretty suitable for a hang-out or it can be for couples too! Ah, and in every area they have special drinks which you can order only if you sit at that theme placed. You will notice a board sign contains special drink's names in your area!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Zenbu: Cheezy Japanese Dining

Hello guys! For our second post we will reviewing a hot place for satisfying your Japanese taste-buds, The House of Mozaru, Zenbu! We came to the branch in Kota Kasablanka around 2 months ago. Located exactly one floor below Sushi Tei, which is actually a bit secluded even for us who are really familiar with Kota Kasablanka lol, and it’s a Japanese restaurant so of course the theme is all about Japanese maybe kinda more like Japanese street-food style. We never been at Japan before but images on Google pretty convincing about this street-food style lmao. The place was pretty big with mostly sofa-seated except the one at the center  so we request for that seat because it’s different and kinda cute with the wooden decoration at the side. Also there's a transparant kitchen so you can see the chef cooking your meal! We didn’t have a good sight of it because we sat pretty far for the kitchen huf too bad.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Casadina Kitchen & Bakery: Big Plate for Big Tummy!

Welcome to our first post yeay! We’re really excited to start our first restaurant’s review of that “IT” places to hang out, Casadina Kitchen & Bakery, Kuningan! It located exactly inside Apartment Rasuna Tower 17 opposite Epicentrum Mall. If you came from Kuningan, you can go to that alley beside Pasar Festival which lead you to Epicentrum Mall then make a U-turn in front of it and tadaaa you can perfectly see Casadina’s sign on your left. Because it’s really near to the U-turn, dont’ miss out the entrance! (because we nearly did hehe). The entrance to Casadina was a bit confusing for us at first because it’s near the alley between Casadina and the nearest bulding apartment, so please don’t be confuse like we did lol.

The waiter kindly welcome us and we sat in front of the counter just beside the window.  We asked the waiter about their main courses specialty and he recommend us to order which were Chicken Parmagiana (65k) and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Breast (65k). For the drink we ordered Green Tea Almond Milk (35k) from their Healthy Crushes and Slushes (its their specialty for beverages) and Candy Mint Chocolate (35k). After ordering, we scanned through the menu again and decided to add Chilli Salted Dusted Calamari (55k) for Appetizer. We suggest you to ask the waiter about their specialty, you may find it hard to choose what to order because all the dishes’ name (yes the name) looks really good!

The square-pizza-pan-like menu

Friday, June 19, 2015

First Post; Hello! This is Ailsa & Bella!

Hello fellas!

This is Ailsa & Bella's new blog! We decided to make a joint blog which will contains a lottttttt of foods and restaurant review mostly took place in Jakarta, travel stories (if one of us did one lol), and mixed dough where you can request what you want us to blog! 

Let us introduce ourself:
Name: Ailsa Chairani
Nickname: Caca
Currently on 5th terms at Universitas Indonesia majoring Accounting
Interest: Eat!, travelling, reading, k-pop, and k-dramas

Name: Astrid Belladina Victoria
Nickname: Bella
Currently on 5th terms at Universitas Indonesia majoring Management
Interest: Foodies, design, photography, k-dramas

We met around a year ago? Hahaha it was through our mutual friend on campus and not even sure how we became close.... maybe through eating lmao. Most of the time we eat together especially after campus with our other friends too! Not long ago we became really diligent posting our restaurant's review on our Zomato account and tadaaaaaa, finally we decided to make a joint blog! Hahaha enough with the introduction, we will post a review soon! So please look forward to our blog and we always welcome your comment, request, and feedback about our blog through this blog or you can contact us through one of our media social at the right side! 잘 부탁드립니다 ㅁㅗㅁ (mean: please take a good care of us!)