Monday, January 25, 2016

Beauty: HUGE Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul Part 1 - Skincare, Base/Primer, Concealer (Etude House, Innisfree, Nature Republic, Aritaum)

Warning!!! Long post ahead!

      Annyeong! This is Ailsa writing and i've been wanting to write this posts because one of the reader requested it months ago but i decided to finally write this recently (sorrrrryyyy). So, you can guess from the title that this won't be a restaurant's review! Yes, this post will be Korean Makeup Haul (also skincare!) and a really huge one yay! I will divide it to 2 parts, the first part will be more about skincare also base makeup and the second part will be about eye makeup and lip products. 
     The products that i will introduce to you in this posts will be the one that i bought from around a year ago to the new one that i asked one of my friend who went exchange to Korea to buy it for me (the reason why i postponed this post). To tell you briefly, i just start to put interest on skincare and makeup product since i went to Korea for summer school in 2014 so it hasn't been that long for me but it became so addictive that all of my allowance gone for these products Most of these products i bought when i was visiting Korea. In order for not confusing you guys (also myself lol), i will write it in order of my makeup routines, so let's start!

  • Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

       I just bought this one last week when i was in transit at Changi Airport to go to Thailand and i got this free voucher from the airline that can be used for shopping at all the stores at Changi, S$40 for 1 person! I immediately spotted Innisfree and check the price, surprisingly the price is the same with Korea so i decided to buy the popular Green Tea Seed line which is the serum. I want to buy the cream but i just bought the Nature Republic one huhu. I use serum after toner because toner is always first at morning routine and 2 or 3 pumps should be enough to cover your face and neck. The texture is watery and pretty light so it absorb to your skin quickly. It really moisturize your skin but it doesn't sticky at all! Because i only use it for couple times, i haven't feel any difference (yet) that most people talked about (moisturizing, brightening, etc etc). You can get it for 22.000 Won/Rp264.000,-.

  • Nature Republic Provence Calendula Mild-Sunblock SPF 35 PA++
     That's a long name. So, I've been using this one for around 6 months now and this is the first sunscreen that i ever use. Many people skip this step in their skincare routine but this is also important step especially if you live in the very hot country like Indonesia. It has SPF 35 and the PA++ indicates medium protection efficacies. It actually pretty expensive, 15.900 Won/Rp190.000,- i think i would search for another product if it wasn't for the 1+1 promoI use sunscreen after serum and leave it for around 1 to 2 minutes for it to absorb while doing my eyebrow or eye makeup.This one didn't feel sticky when you apply it and i also believe it maybe has a little moisturizing ingredients. It works great for me until now, at least i don't need to worry about the sun anymore!

  • Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50+/PA+++            

  •        I actually haven't use this one lol so i don't really have that much to talk about but this is one of Innisfree's most popular product so i was really curious about this. It has higher SPF than the Nature Republic one and also PA+++ which means stronger protection. Well, i need to finish the other one first kkk. This one is cheaper but the product is less tho, 12.000 Won/Rp144.000,-

  • 3.Moisturizer/Cream
    • Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

          Most of you must already know this one because it has been no.1 since Nature Republic released it. Yap, it's the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel that i've been using ever since and one of my holygrail product. This product is just really really amazing and multi-function and the smell is so aloe vera. You can use it for like 8 different purpose such as moisturizer, sleeping pack, lashes, reduce eye puffiness, hair treatment, etc etc etc. I always use this as my first step moisturizer (not too much) after sunscreen and also as sleeping pack at night (use more for this). It just really does soothe your skin and remove dead skin (as for sleeping pack). It's also very cheap with that huge amount of products! Only around 4,400 Won/Rp53.000,- or less if they have discount (they always have promo tho).

    • Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion

          My second step moisturizer is actually a cream type or Korean call it emulsion. Cream and emulsion is the same thing with the same purpose tho the names just for marketing stuff. I bought this on December 2015 when held promotion event and the price is the same with the real price so i bought it (cries). My skin became more moisturize when i apply it after the soothing gel and it's not sticky at all, it just absorb quickly! The downside is it's soooooo hard to squeeze out the product. I was depressed at first but i found my cream spatula (at first pic), so now i scoop the product with spatula... much easier that wayFor pretty much product (160ml) it's not that expensive, 8.800 Won/Rp105.000,-. Note: If you confused which moisturizer you should apply first, always go for the lightest one because it absorb faster.

    4.Cleansing Oil
    • Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil
           I immediately searching for best cleansing oil once i read that cleansing milk still left some residues and found that this is one of the best Innisfree's product (tell my friend i have additional list lol). Cleansing oil will dissolves your makeup and oil even the one in your pores and also balance your skin's oil. I use cleansing oil to remove my makeup after i got home and it's just perfectly remove my makeup even the waterproof one and leave my skin feels elastic (?), you know that bouncy bouncy feels when you touch your face haha. It has a sweet apple smell and i just really love it. To use it, keep your face dry and apply it just enough to remove your makeup (1 or 2 pumps), then leave it for 5-10 minutes so it can absorb well and massage it for 1 minute then rinse it! I'm not sure if it's works the same for oily skin, so please check it first! But, don't forget to finish your makeup removing routines with toner because eventhough you do double cleanse there will be some residues left. So many people skip this step which is a very very important step. The price is 13.000 Won/Rp156.000,-.

    • Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF 15/PA+

         My holygrail base/primer! I bought it the last time i went to Korea because i've heard really good reviews about it and just really curious about it. You can easily find reviews about this one! For me, this product works amazing to hide pores and make your face looks really really smooth also it can brighten your skin. No wonder this one is really popular, not only between Korean beauty bloggers also some international bloggers. I even got another one in stock. The product is also plentiful, i use it daily but it didn't show any sign it will run out soon kkkk. It's so worth the price 15.000 Won/Rp180.000,-. Must-try product! Anyway i also added Benefit Porefessional for some parts such as T-zone or if i need more coverage for my pores lol.

    6.BB Cushion
    • Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++

         I just really love Etude House, most of my products are from Etude (coz the price too kk). My BB Cushion is also from Etude which i also bought the last time i went to Korea because it became a hit just last year (i think?). Koreans really love the natural/no-make-up look so this one is so so popular because it's lighter than the BB cream but the coverage is really great. Most Korean BB Cushion will give you dewy finish because that's what Korean girl like kkk. If you wonder what's BB Cushion, it actually a foundation... lol. Etude has many types of BB Cushion but because i have dry skin, so i bought the Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion in number W13 Natural Beige
         The important thing when you choose shades is the one suits your skin color the best. For BB, i only use BB Cushion. Yes, i didn't use any BB cream because i've tried every sample i have not only from Etude and the coverage just really too much from me even with the natural shade. My friends told me i look like a vampire lmao maybe because i have pretty fair skin (lol what). So i think i will settled down with just BB Cushion for a long long time. I also have like 2 refills with me kkk and i already use 1 refill! The compact one came with a cushion/puff so do the refill. I'm just so in love with it because it feel light in my skin also the coverage is just perfect for me, i always bring it in my bag! In BB Cushion Line, i think Etude is the cheapest one, 18.000 Won/Rp216.000,- while other brands usually will be above 20.000 Won. Do comment if you want me to review about it!

    • Aritaum All Day Tip Concealer

           My favorite concealer! It's a liquid type concealer and it didn't make your face cakey. I have dry skin so i'm pretty sensitive with concealer but this one did a good result for me. I also use this concealer to cover my dark circles especially every exam week lol. I bought shade No.2 Natural Beige. I'm a safe player so i always go for the natural shade kkk. The coverage is medium so for the best coverage use it before and after foundation on spots that you want to cover more! For me, I usually apply it after BB Cushion. You can get it for only 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,-. Sometimes i also use this to make gradiation lips!

    • Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer
          This one is my first concealer that i bought from It's a cream type and stick shape. I actually think that this has better coverage than the previous one but it left cakey/matte finish on my dry skin especially for the dark circles. Now i only use it if i have bigger spot that i want to cover. The price is same with Aritaum one 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,-.

            This is it for the first part about skincare and base makeup, the second part will be about eye makeup including eyebrow, lip products, also miscellaneous products! Feel free to drop your comment below if you have question about these products or even other products that you're still considering to buy or not. See you on the second part that you can see here

    PS: Korean cosmetic shops always give you numerous samples of their product, either it's bb cream, sunscreen, lip tint, masks, etc, that you can try especially if you buy soooooo many! (I even got 2 pretty hand mirror and bracelet from Etude House!)