Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Japanese Yakitori - Toridoll Yakitori

Hi guys, we're sorry for not posting for so long because we're currently in our hectic year of college so we didn't have spare time to checking new restaurants and make review about it.... so sorry hiks. We're saving this one and we were here couple months ago actually but this one seriously need a review because we really enjoy their food and dessert here so let us introduce you to a new Japanese Yakitori restaurant, Toridoll Yakitori! It's a Yakitori place but they also serve many authentic Japanese foods and don't forget the delicious desserts yum! Located at Gandaria City just opposite Maison Tatsuya, you can find it easily and also they got a pretty big space too. The design is really elegant and fancy even from the outside and they have see-through kitchen in the middle too! Ah, they will open another branch soon at Kota Kasablanka so don't forget to check it out.

When we went there, they just newly open and they have this lunch set package also daily promo which differs everyday. We order  just 1 (just to stay safe cause not so sure about the portion) but we're not sure if they still have the same package or not please check it first! So, the set package we chose contains Omu Yakisoba, Salmon Skewers, Gyu Skewers, Potesala Croquette Tartar, and Miso Soup (around 98k if we're not wrong). We have been eyeing for their dessert so we just order one drink which is their speciality drink, Toridoll Ice Tea (around 20k), also their Toridoll Kakigori Ichigo Milk (38k).

Thanks god we only order one package because the portion was really really big for two of us especially the Yakisoba. Here's the visual! Yumyum look at that Yakisoba!

Let's talk about the mouth-watering Omu Yakisoba first. It's a chicken fried buckwheat noodle topped with omelette, teriyaki sauce, and mayonnaise. The portion is actually can be for 2 people because it was just that big (seriously). It was soooooo delicious, you should eat it altogether with the sauce and mayonnaise too then you will get speechless (ok overreacting). The fried noodle, omelette and chicken meat cooked really nice, it doesn't taste that sweet but the combination from teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise will result a delicious sweet taste. So hungry right now hu.


Next one is our favorite too (cries), it's the 
Potesala Croquette Tartar. It's a potato croquette salad topped with tartar sauce. The croquette was just really really delicious, nicely fried and the inside just melted instantly in your mouth. The tartar sauce was pretty creamy and just matched perfectly with the crispy croquette also the salad was really fresh too!

As for their Miso Soup, it was really good. Honestly, we're not really fond of Miso Soup but this one is seriously nice. It didn't taste plain like the usual one, it's more on the savory side. But the onion (?) is too much lol.

Now the Yakitori!!! So we got two Yakitori, Salmon and Beef Yakitori 2pcs each. We especially like their Beef Yakitori! It was pretty juicy and chew, you can even still taste that unique taste from the grill process. The meat is pretty big in size for yakitori too. As for the salmon, it was really yum but unfortunately it was pretty dry so it didn't feel so good in your throat after you eat it.

Don't worry about the dryness in your throat becauseeee they have their signature ice tea, Toridoll Ice Tea, that will freshen your throat immediately! It's an ice tea with combination of fresh strawberry, lemon, and lime slices also mint leaves. It has a unique tastes, not like a lemon tea, because it also got the sweet taste eventhough there are lemon and lime in it. A must try!

For our most favorite one...... it's the 
Toridoll Kakigori Ichigo Milk yeay!! This one seriously the bomb. At first we thought its just shaved ice with strawberry syrup or something like that but it's actually shaved ice with real strawberry fruit! Maybe they crush the strawberry into tiny pieces and they mixed it with the ice, we're not sure either but it was just really really yummy and refreshing!! At the bottom, we actually thought it was milk but it's vanilla pudding. It also came with condensed milk that you can pour it all over the ice and also a cup of cold ocha. We strongly suggested you to just pour the milk, you won't regret it we promise. The waitress said that you can pour the ocha but we don't think that it will be nice so we just drink the ocha to lessen the sweetness after we done with the whole ice (better that way). Anyway sorry for the badly taken photos because it's just so tempting (cries).

We really enjoy their foods and desserts here also the ambiance is really great and the service was really fast also, so we will make sure to come back and have Yakitori feast! Maybe we will try the one at Kota Kasablanka when it opens. So, for the next post we will post something special that have been requested so long from one of the reader, don't forget to check our next posts especially for the girls! 

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5