Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Hair Color Transformation, Mise en Scene Review, and Some Tips!

Hi guys! This post originally is in one post with the Etude House Hot Style Bubble Review but i realise that it will be too long so i split it up! This post will be telling you about my hair color transformation during a year and Mise en Scene Coloring Review also some useful tips from me before you decide to try coloring your hair! Don’t miss it!

So, the first time i dyed my hair was a year ago. I was really curious about hair coloring because after graduating from high school some of my friend already dyeing their hair. So when i was strolling around a mall and visit Etude House store, i saw they have hair coloring product (it was around 86k that time) and after persuing my mom (lol) i finally bought it. I bought Etude House Hot Style Bubble Natural Brown because i really didn’t want it to be too bright for my first time so yeah. You can see the step by step how to apply it here, it’s my review of the same Etude House coloring product but different color yet the package in the box is the same tho.

I had a pretty dark black hair color and this is how my hair turned out. It was a perfect choice of color for first timer because it’s not that bright, came out as a really natural brown hair color. You know you need to wait around 30 minutes for it to absorb right? Maybe because this is the first time my hair received such chemical it was pretty hurt for my scalp so i keep it for only aroud 20 minutes, besides i have a sensitive scalp so be prepared.

The second time i dyed my hair when i was in Korea. I actually dyed it 2 times. The first one, i was using this Korean brand but i forgot the name and i chose Caramel Brown color. It was a bad choice because my intention was to make my hair color brighter so i need to chose a brighter color but turned out it just covering my black roots ergh. 

I was in a really bad mood so my friend who lives in Korea took me to E-mart (one of the biggest mart in Korea) and help me to find another hair color product while he also search for himself too. Then i saw Mise en Scene product. It was a Korean brand and turned out it’s pretty famous for its hair treatment product. I had a hard time choosing what color to buy and because i didn’t want to repeat the same mistake, instead of buying brownish color i bought the Mise en Scene Hot Bubble Vanilla Gold

I was really in love with the result! My hair color turned out kinda like golden bronze and of course brighter than the last one! The box contains pretty much similar with the Etude House’s box including the hair treatment too. Because it’s in a foam form it was easy to use just like Etude’s and surprisingly my scalp didn't feel that hurt like before. I supposed Mise en Scene chemical wasn’t as strong as Etude House but still have a great coverage and absorbtion. This is the result!

Bad resolution ergh

After few weeks
See the difference!

Right to left

Then after few months staying with that hair color, i couldn't find where to buy another Mise en Scene again at Jakarta even online shop so i tried another hair coloring trend, guess what? Yes, ombre! It was still a trend last year in here (even now i think) so why didn’t give it a try? There’s this salon that always been my favorite near my house and once i went there i saw they ombre-ing and the result was really good! So after consulting what color should i got (and some opinion from friends) i decided to go with Magenta color. 

I didn’t really know what hair coloring brand they used but Magenta is a mix of pink and purple color. Because we need to bring the ombre color out, the lower part of your hair will be getting a bleach first (bleach explanation read here) then they will apply the ombre color. My upper hair was still had the golden bronze color so i just need to cover the black roots, it didn’t took much time tho. The process wasn’t that long as i expected, it was around 2 hours for my medium-long hair. Here is the result! It’s really cute, isn’t it?

Ombre color didn’t stay for too long, around 1 until 2 months depends on your hair capability, but my hair considered having pretty strong absorption capability so it stay around 3 months+ for me.

After 1 month+

Please remember that bleaching in most case will resulting hair damage (dry, split-ends, etc) so you need to consider spending more time for hair treatment if you have ombre hair. After 3 months my hair became pretty dry and so many split-ends, i decided to cut it short so i can save the upper part of my hair. Andddd my hair color is still golden bronze lol. Sometimes i got question like, how come my hair color can stay that long and blablabla. But me myself didn’t know the answer either lol, i need to give a reward for my hair i guess. I didn’t recoloring after few months later that i realized my black roots already grow too long so i decided to recoloring just recently! Read here for the story and review!

That was my hair color transformation story until now and i have a plan to dyeing my hair again around next month so please wait for another review! Now, let me give some useful and important tips for you if you want to try dyeing your hair! 

  1. Know your skin tone, is it warm or cold tone? This is one of the best way to choose what color will suit you better. 
  2. Take some research to know what color suit you the best. After knowing your skin tone, you must take some research about what color should you get. So don’t be lazy and take some research! Obviously you didn’t want to choose the wrong color right? There’re so many articles from experts that will help you to choose the best color for your hair! 
  3. Can your hair absorb the color well? It’s different for everyone, if your hair can absorb the color well like mine you don’t really need to dyeing your hair twice or use bleaching to bring the color out. But! If your hair can’t really absorb the color, then i suggest you to pick brighter color, or buy two of the package, or try bleach it first. I didn’t really recommend you to bleach your hair because i didn’t want my hair became damage again but it still up to you tho. 
  4. Spent more time for hair treatment. Of course, dyeing your hair may result some hair damage and really needs extra care because it can became pretty handy after some time. Choose the right hair treatment like conditioner, vitamin, etc. If you want me to recommend you, choose conditioner and vitamin that has Keratin in it. I used Tresemme Keratin Smooth for shampoo and conditioner and this vitamin that my dad bought from Pasar Baru (lol) but has a great effect to make your hair became shiny and smooth (and it’s pretty cheap!) 
  5. Don’t afraid to experiment brighter hair color because why not haha. There’s this app you know that allow you to change your hair color and i used it for some reference as what color should i try next lol. Try searching change your hair and eye color app, it’s both available at Android and iOs. It’s a pretty fun app hehe.
  6. Last, DO NOT SHAMPOO-ING. You clearly shouldn't do shampoo-ing after dyeing your hair or the color will wash off. Just apply the hair treatment and back to your shampoo-ing routines the next day!

Yeay it’s a wrap! If you have questions about this, i will gladly answer you on my This will be our last post before Eid Mubarak. We will take a short vacation, so we won’t be posting for a while. Be prepared for more exciting posts once we're back! See you soon and Happy Eid Mubarak 1436H for you who celebrate it, may Allah bless you and your family! :)

For Mise en Scene
Easy to apply
Color absorb really well
2 steps hair treatment
Bright color
Didn't smell stink
Chemical isn't that strong

Just a little bit pricey than Etude

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