Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 3: See You Bandung!

Welcome back everyone, how are you?? We're back from long Holiday! First we want to say Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all our Muslim friends all over the world! May the joy be with us guys. Here is the third part of my three-days trip to Bandung! Yeah right, this is Bella's writting here. lol. Without much unnecessary explaination, let me start my third day journey!

So, since this is the last day, I actually wanted to gather and meet all my friends this day. Too bad, most of them are busy preparing the exams since its on their exam week. Fortunately, I got to meet my other bestfriend on my very last day in Bandung. She used to be my partner in crime pal in term of shopping and culinary trips. We both share the same hobbies; never worry to spend money on things you like. lol.

Jump on to the foods I want to review here, I went to Hakata Ikkousha Bandung. I know that I can find it in Jakarta too, but what makes it special here is that they only serve halal foods. So, for you who really curious about this ramen but never try to taste it since you are afraid of what it contains, you can come to Bandung for a worry free Hakata Ikkousha ramen!

The ambience pretty much looks like the usual Ramen House, nothing much. All the tables and chairs were made from wood. Not really comfy but it does suit the ambience as Ramen House. Service was pretty nice as the ramen was served in no time. They also provide some kind of seasonings and loads of free onions! I didn't put it on my ramen though, it was pretty hard to chop the onion even with the onion chopper provided.

with Dewi as the background. lol
meet my other half, Cici!

Look at the brooth! Help me, I'm craving now!

After having my dinner at Hakata Ikkousha, my friend took me to taste thin martabak around Paskal or Pasir Kaliki. Initially we wanted to try out the infamous Martabak Asan, but turned out it was close:"( So, to make up our mood, we decided to try Martabak Canada instead. No, the martabak wasn't imported whatsoever from Canada. We don't have any clue about its name though. lol. The martabak itself was fine, I didn't really find it special for my taste. Still, looking forward to taste Martabak Asan on my next visit.

Just happened to capture the road actually
That's the menu. Affordable much, right?
Super crisp! Super sweet!
After buying the thin martabak, we wanted to enjoy it with the most (at that time) happening McFlurry in town, McDonald's Minion Banana McFlurry! I'm a biggest fan of banana! I feel like I can't skip this limited offered mcflurry. lol. While everyone was busy collecting the minion miniatures, I'm happy enough to have my mcflurry. Who can resist this combination of oreo and banana flavoured ice cream though?

Oreo+ Banana ice cream=heaven!

What a bright smile de, really..

Okay, that's all about my three days trip to Bandung. Sorry for keeping you waiting about a month for this review. We will be back on posting regularly this week. So, make sure to catch up!

Food: 4/5
Price: 3,5/4
Ambience: 3,5/4
Service: 3,5/4