Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Etude House Hot Style Bubble Gold Blonde Review

We’re sorry that we need to postponed this post because the draft were suddenly missing so i need to re-write it huhu. So, Ailsa is here and this post will be our first post that won’t talk about foods! I will be reviewing Etude House Hot Style Bubble Coloring yeay! As you can notice maybe from our blog’s intro photos or my social media that i dye my hair to more look like golden bronze since a year ago and you can read my hair full transfromation here. But for now, i will be reviewing Etude House’s product!

It’s been a year since i dye my hair with this color and 8 months since i covered the black roots, so i think this is the perfect time to recoloring my hair besides my hair’s black roots already growing out around 6 cm also the color is already faded, it annoys me. The last time i dye my hair with Mise en Scene Vanilla Gold, but it was really hard to find it here so i searched for another similar color then i went to Etude House and finally chose Hot Style Bubble Gold Blonde (108k)! Maybe now they already run out of stocks because i was practically search to some Etude House store but they just have the black one ergh. I found mine at Kota Kasablanka’s store and it was the last stock ( c r y ). Enough with the story, now let’s reviewing!

Another choice of color

Korean hair coloring form mostly different from the one we know because it’s in bubble foam form so it’s really really easy to apply it just like when you’re shampoo-ing! Also you can do it by yourself no need to go to salon. That’s why i like their coloring product ehehe. You don’t need to worry about missing the tools and stuff because they all have it in the box. The box contains Coloring Liquid Number 1, Another Liquid in Number 2 Bottle, After Coloring Hair Treatment that looks like conditioner, Necessary Tools that contains Instruction, Gloves, and Plastic Cap that will cover your clothes.

The instruction (it's in Korean he)

This is what my hair color looks like just before i did recoloring.

Ew black roots

Step 1: Put Number 1 in Number 2 bottle then mix it, you can feel that the bottle start to be warm. 

Step 2: Put the plastic cap and the gloves on. 

Step 3: Push the bottle then the foam will come out! 

Step 4: Put the foam on your hand and apply it on your head starting from the roots because it needs some time to absorb. 

Step 5: Apply it to the rest of your hair and don’t forget the hidden part too. 

Step 6: Let it be for around 30 minutes or more it’s up to you, for me it’s 45 minutes. 

Step 7: Rinse it thoroughly and you can feel your hair really dry like a broom ergh. 

Step 8: Apply the hair treatment and let it be for 2-3 minutes. Step 8: Rinse it then done! You can feel your hair really smooth after the hair treatment.

It’s easy right? While applying it, you may find it a bit hurt if you have a sensitive scalp like mine but just bear with it cause beauty is pain? lol. I'm sorry i didn't took photos while i was doing it because it's already pretty much handy when you did it yourself. The color usually will last around 2 until 3 months depends on your hair endurance, for me it last more than 6 months hehet. Here is my before after and it exactly look like the one i had before! Say goodbye to black roots and faded hair color! (I didn't edit the photos at all and the color should be brighter than at the photos)

It's actually brighter and lighter than this

If you want to know my hair transformation's story, some useful tips, and Mise en Scene Vanilla Gold review just click here

 Easy to use
Didn't smells stink
Color absorbs really well
Hair treatment smells nice


Some photos credit to google.com

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