Monday, January 25, 2016

Beauty: HUGE Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul Part 2 - Eyebrow, Eye Makeup, Lip Tint, Miscellaneous (Etude House, Peripera, Nature Republic, Tony Moly)

Warning!!! Long post ahead!

    Hi guys! So this is the second part of my Korean Skincare and Makeup haul yuhuuu. The second part will be about eye makeup, lip products, and other products that i have including mist and facial masks. Already done my ever-so-long intro in the first post, so let's just start with the second part!

8. Eyebrow Mascara

  • Etude House Color My Brows

        I don't know why but i never ever and can't use eyebrow pencils. I'm just so bad at it (cries). So, i decided to just use an eyebrow mascara. My eyebrow are actually quite thick so i don't really use the product that much, just enough to match my hair color. To apply it: brush it in the opposite direction of your eyebrow then brush it in the same direction so it apply evenly. I usually use either No. 4 Natural Brown or No.2 Light Brown. Recently Etude launched Color My Brow in jumbo size which has double amounts of the usual one for cheaper price! The small one is 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,- and the big one is 8.000 Won/Rp96.000,-

9. Eyeshadow
  • Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe

     Just receive it from my friend and totally in love with these two! It's a creamy and matte eyeshadow. These days i really love pink coral/orange makeup look so I just really really love the color and the cute packaging! Beside eyeshadow, i also use it often as blusher. The color just popped out after you apply it, but it also give you a natural soft look... well that depends on the color you choose too. I always use my finger to blend eyeshadow, blusher, eye primer, etc etc because many Koreans believe that the warmth of your finger make it absorb faster! Fyi, i don't even have a single brush lol.Don't forget to apply eye primer first, so your eye makeup will stay longer! For now, i still use Max Factor Color Precision in Pearl Beige as eye primer (it has shimmery effect). I will recommend you to try Etude House Proof 10 or Innisfree Eye Primer for Korean products. These eyeshadows only costs you 3.500 Won/Rp42.000,- each!
       For blusher, i used to have Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in No. 9 SweetBerry Muffins. I saw so many Korean beauty bloggers actually use this and it's a cream type blusher with cute packaging and puff with it. I really love it but my mom run out of her blusher so she ask me to give it to her kkkk. It's only 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,-!

10. Eyeliner

  • Etude House Oh M'eye Line

No. 3, Oh My Brown
      I've been using this from the first time i tried using eyeliner and i still use it until now. I can't really use the pencil or creamy one because i use a lot like really a lot of product for my single eyelid or i look like i didn't use any eyeliner (cries). It has pointy brush like the bolpoint eyeliner has and it really easy to use especially for me that need to cover my single eyelid. The downside is it didn't last that long and not waterproof so i always bring it in my bag in case it's dissapearing. The one i have is in brown colour and Korean really like brown eyeliner because it got softer final look than the black one. This one is cheap, only for 4.000 Won/Rp48.000,-. If you want to try creamy eyeliner, i recommend you to buy Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner that really really popular in Korea!

11. Pencils

   I don't really have that many pencil products, those above are all i have and i will just review it briefly. The first three product at the top are Etude House Play 101 Pencil that you can get for 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,- each. You can use it for eye primer, eye shadow, blusher, and even for lips (for some colour). It has more than 60 different colour that you can choose according to your needs! The brown one is Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in No. 3, Brown. It's actually an eye brow pencil and has 2 sides, one side is pencil (ofcourse) and the other one is a brush. But i can't use eye brow pencil so i use it to fill the my lower line or the end/outer of my eyes to make my eyes look bigger. It's actually pretty popular and only for 2.500 Won/Rp30.000,-. The last one is Etude House Styling Eyeliner in No.2, White. Before i buy Max Factor Masterpiece Color Precision, i always use this one for the corner of my eyes also to fill my lower eyes. It has that blingbling (lol) white color effect that can make your eyes looks bigger! I bought it at their store in Jakarta but the actual price is 2.500 Won/Rp30.000,-.

12. Lip Tint, Lip Gloss, Lipstick
  • Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

      I originally want to buy Dear My Wish Lips that just really really popular when it release but the self assistant who help me there told me that Dear My Blooming Lips will be better for me because it has moisturizing result while the Dear My Wish Lips is more on the matte side (I have dry lips huhu). She also recommend me this one in OR204, Bashful Coral that's one of the most favorite color they have and i just starting to love coral makeup back then. The color is just so soft and feminine,not too bright and more like pink coral actually. The packaging is just so pretty! Also it does moisturizing your lips! I don't really use lipstick because i will end up having cracked lips but this one have an effect like lip balm. I also use this one sometimes when i go to college. The price is 8.500 Won/Rp102.000,-.

  • Peripera Ink Tint
No. 5, No Spoiler

     Sorry the actual design is already dissapearPeripera is actually pretty popular for their water tint last year and i have no reason to not buy it lol. I use this most of the time i go out at weekend because i just really really love its bright red color. The texture is like ink (people said that) heavier texture than the usual lip tint, it's  also pretty long lasting and everytime i try to even out the product on my lips with my finger, it just won't dissapear until few hours later (the product on my finger.... well also on the lips). What i love the most is actually the color but i still don't know why they name this one No Spoiler lol. You can find Peripera products at Clio or some people say Olive Young has them too, this one you can get for 9.000 Won/Rp108.000,-.

  • Peripera Water Tint
No. 3, Orange Juice

     The popular lip tint is here! Yes, last year Korea cosmetic line are so hectic about water tint and Peripera is actually the most popular one. As you can see, it's soooo watery and it just absorb really quickly on your lips that makes the color looks like your actual lip color. I usually use this daily for college because the color is really soft. But sometimes i also use it when going out for more softer look or when i want coral makeup look kkkk. Many people afraid to use orange color and so do i, but you can try this one out! It won't make your lips look too orange but rather a coral color once it blend with your natural lip color. This one is in No. 3 Orange Juice and the smell is actually like orange juice lol. But it didn't last that long, you need to apply it again and again. Recently, they upgrading their products so before you buy please google it first so you won't be confused of which one to buy because this one i have already change name to No. 4 Mandarin Juice. This one is cheaper than the ink one, 7.000 Won/Rp84.000,-.

  • Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
     My very first lip tint! I used this one a lot back then before i know more about Korean lip tint but if you search for a soft color and milky texture, you can always go for this one! The one i have is in soft pink color that actually didn't popped out on my lips and i also have another one which is a limited edition in Lavender color that once popular because Yoon Eun Hye wore it in a drama. This is actually good for high schooler or you who just new to lip tint. The downside is it didn't last long and the color are too soft even the red one. The price is 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,-.

  • Etude House Dear My Milky Gloss
    I haven't use this one for so long actually and i found it in my mom's makeup bag lol. This is the first lip product that i have when i was in high school because back then we didn't really use (and know) lipstick or even lip tint. This is actually a lip gloss that has nude creamy colour with milky texture and nice sweet smell. I really like it a lot back then because it got the glossy look and can also moisturize your lips. This one is already discontinued but they have another new pretty color that you can google it with the new name, Dear My Crystal Gloss. The price now is 6.000 Won/Rp72.000,-. 
I apply it orderly according above posts

  • Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint
No.2, Red

      I almost forgot to include this one lol. This is Korean High Schooler most favorite lip tint in 2015. Before i got my Peripera ink tint, i always use this when going out. The one i have is in dark red color that Korean refer as vampire color but it actually softer and lighter than i expected it to be when you apply it. The long lasting level is medium, not too long but doesn't dissapear easily either. I bought it at their counter in Jakarta with higher price while the actual price is 3.200 Won/Rp38.000,-. I actually really love this one hehe. 

13. Miscellaneous
  • Blending Puff Multipurpose from Daiso

      The first time i saw this blending puff was at Etude House and i know that other brands have it too but the price is like 7500 Won or so. I don't actually need this but it's just so cute! I saw Korean beuaty vlogger talk about this and it turned out that Daiso in Korea has it dor cheaper price, 2000 Won. She said that the quality is just the same with the other brands but i haven't tried it yet hehe. The round part is for applying and blending powder, bb cushion, or bb cream and the pointy part at the top is for blending concealer or foundation to some tricky parts like under eye.

  • Nature Republic and Etude House Facial Mist/Fixer
      The left one is Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist and the right one is Etude House Face Conditioning Fixer. I almost finish my Etude House Fixer and it's pretty nice. Fixer is actually a makeup boosting product that gives you cool effect and can make your makeupstay longer. The Nature Republic Mist is more in soothing and moisturizing side and you can spray it to your face whenever you feel like your skin already dry. You can also use it  for arms and legs. I actually have another Etude House Mist called I'm Blooming Mist but i already finish it and i don't know where i keep the bottle lol. I usually spray it on my face after i'm done with my skincare routine also after my makeup done or these days i also spray it to my cushion puff. They said it can resulting in a more dewy finish. I bought Nature Republic mist for 5.500 Won/Rp66.000,- and Etude House fixer for around Rp100.000 or Rp120.000,- at online shop.  
  • Etude House, Skinfood, Innisfree Facial Mask/Mask Sheet
       I love Korean facial masks!! I couldn't choose which brand i love because until now the effect i got from the masks that i've used are all nice. Also it's easy to use, just put it on your face, wait for 15 to 20 minutes then take it off! Don't forget to use the leftover serum in the package or it would be such a waste They have soooo many kinds of masks with price range from 1.000 Won/Rp12.000,- to 5.000 Won/Rp60.000,- and of course there are other kinds that more expensive than that. Some place sell it in a package with promos like Etude House, buy 1 package (10 pieces) free 1 package (10 pieces) so you can get 20 pieces for only 10.000 Won/Rp120.000,-! The important thing is to find the one you need, if you want the one with moisturizing result you can choose Olive (just example). Use it regularly once or twice a week for the best result. 

       Phew, that was such a really long post lol. I hope these posts can help you knowing and  choosing Korean skincare and makeup products. If you have question about the products above or maybe other products that you're curious but you don't really sure to buy it or not, just drop your comments below or ask me through and i will gladly help you! I actually didn't explain all the steps and products (because not all products that i use is from Korea brand) from my daily routine so  if you ever confused with your skincare and makeup routine, what to apply first, what's the best for you, etc etc, you can also ask me! If you haven't read the first post, you can click here. See you on the next post!

PS: Korean cosmetic shops always give you numerous samples of their product, either it's bb cream, sunscreen, lip tint, masks, etc, that you can try especially if you buy soooooo many! (I even got 2 pretty hand mirror and bracelet from Etude House!)