Sunday, November 20, 2016

[HOT] Pablo Cheese Tart is Coming to Town! - Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta

    Hi guys! We're backkk! Hahaha that was such a long hiatus *erhm* college *erhm. We're really excited to write this review of the most-talked and also most-queuing place right now. Yes, it's the zuper famous and number one cheese tart in Japan, Pablo Cheese Tart is finally coming to Jakarta yeayyy! The grand opening for public was on November 17th and we're so excited so we decided to come on the next day. Well well, we heard stories about the queue on the first day opening and it was super super long. So we came before lunch time and it was already quite a long queue tho. They also provide several seating area. Please note that the queue start from beside Remboelan not from the Pablo itself, there's no queuing number so.... you just... keep... standing hehe. They have staffs to take care of the queue so no need to worry that someone will cut your queue!

        We got our turn after about 1 hour or so and along the line we can actually see how they made the tart, start from the mixing until the sauce covering. We can assure you that it was such a pleasing view! They offered the 15 cm diameter cheese tart which are the original, chocolate, matcha, and premium one, they also have the mini pablo version (chocolate and matcha will be coming out soon), the signature Frute Smoothies, the mille crepes (it was sold out!), and soft serve ice cream.

     One person can only bought 2 cheese tart, so yes there's a limitation for how many you can bought. We bought the Original Cheese Tart (169k), Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki (189k), and Matcha with Shiratama Frute (60k)

     Original Cheese Tart is such a pleasant one. It is really soft, the crust is so crunchy, and the sauce on top is refreshing. Pablo Cheese Tart is popular for their light cheese tart so the cheese itself isn't too rich, very subtle we may say but we agreed that it is actually meet our preferences. If you like a creamy cheese feel, we suggest you to try the mini Pablo as it has more creamy texture. The sauce also really light, has lemon and also a bit pineapple aroma. The cheese tart itself is a bit too foamy for us (well, it's good because it melts directly). We actually keep some and try another slice again after a movie, it is unexpectedly good! Well, we didn't say it wasn't good at first (believe us it was very tasty) but we prefer a cold version. The reason are, it's less foamy and the cheese become more rich! We recommend you to refrigerate it for a while!

      If you ask us which one you should buy, we're so sorry that we can't recommend you which one you should buy because we also have a hard time to choose which are our favs *cries*. Similar as the Original one, the Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki is also a pleasant one. The matcha and cheese itself, again, is very subtle but you can taste the delicious bitter taste from the matcha. You can find the shiratama (mochi is a more familiar term for it) and the azuki (red bean paste) hidden all over the tart. The shiratama itself is small and chewy. Love the azuki a little bit too much as it is very smooth-like, sweet, and it balances the bitter taste of matcha also the savory cheese. 

      We also very excited to try their Signature Frute Smoothies! Have a hard time to choose between the 5 flavors which are Classic Cheese, Rich Mango, Rich Berry, Special Chocolate, and Matcha with Shiratama. Finally we chose Matcha with Shiratama! We really can't refuse Matcha, didn't we? hahaha. The texture itself is very creamy. The bitter taste of Matcha is quite strong and it is a great combination with the salty savory cheese. You won't miss the shiratama on top and the unique red bean whipped cream! Pst, the portion is quite small.
        It was such a great experience and a great queuing too (lol). We haven't try the original Pablo in Japan so we can't really compare it with the one here. But, we heard that there is difference with the one in Japan. We actually thought that it is the best one so far! So grab yours now!!!

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5