Monday, April 3, 2017

Beauty: My Everyday Make-Up Kit and Product Review! (for beginner)

Hello everyone, this is Bella! It's been forever since the last time I posted up on this blog. Honestly this post was made like last year. I've been so busy making events at my campus and internship respectively. Right now, I'm in my senior year and currently in the middle of finishing my undergraduate thesis. Wish me luck!! So, in order to treat your disappointment, me and Ailsa decided to post beauty and travel reviews instead (we are so busy on our own final assignment to hang out for new places though). Previously, Ailsa had already posted her korean skin care and make up haul plus her infamous hair coloring post. Well, this is my first ever beauty post, yet I hope it will still satisfy your expectation. This time, I'll post my everyday make up kit since people have been asking me that on my askfm. Let's get it started!

Before we start, I'd like to remind you that these products may not be suitable for your skin type and tone. I have a yellowish skin tone, like most Asian people do, in a lighter color. It's just bright, more like beige and not that fair. For my skin type, I have an oily-combination skin, which is why I need to reapply my face powder more often to keep it matte. Lastly, if Ailsa is more into Korean or Asian products, I use western brands more. I have no special reason for that though, only because I'm used to it and it's easier to get here. Even though I started to develop interest in more affordable (yet super good) korean make ups and skin care too!

Okay so, I'm going to list the products in terms of its sequence when used. The first ones of my everyday make up routine is concealers! I use three concealers here; maybelline fit me in sand, manhattan in 002 classic beige, and max factor master touch concealer in ivory.  (You can see the products and swatches bellow, it's in order anyways)

Manhattan | Maybelline | Max Factor

Each of it has it owns usefulness. Since the maybelline fits my skin tone better, I use it for the base. I only use my manhattan to conceal some spots that can't be helped only with my maybelline. Sometimes, I also use it as my highlighter for full make up routine. The max factor is used to conceal my under eye. Pay attention in choosing your under eye concealer product. The color should be a tone lighter than your actual skin tone, like when you choose your concealer for highlighter. It goes the same with my manhattan. Since these products come from drugstore brand, it won't cost you a lot. It just a bit more difficult to find the maybelline fit me (but I guess it's already on sale in Indonesia since last year) and manhattan in Indonesia. For manhattan I guess as for now you can only purchase it in Germany. I got mine as a souvenir from my sister, so actually I don't know the price. As for my max factor under eye concealer, it costs under 100k (I guess around Rp 65.000,-) and you can find it at nearest shop in Jakarta! It's pretty everywhere.

For the product quality, these three concealers do have a pretty decent job on concealing! Especially for the manhattan and max factor. As for the maybelline I may say it's good but not really worth the hype for me. Since I think, I still need another concealer or color corrector to help conceal with my dark spots. I like the max factor the most as it does a good job with concealing my under eye without leaving any white cast. I've seen some under eye concealer that shows up white cast when you get pictured under heavy light or blitz. It's not the case at all for this product!

In term of product usage, each of them last forever! Although I think the max factor ones finish a bit faster than the others, like 1-1,5 years. Perhaps it was because I use it the most and the applicator comes up a bit not too handy so be careful when you're using it, or it may spill a lot! The other two has good applicator though. Well, typically the same applicator each.

After putting on concealers, I use Rimmel stay matte pressed powder to finish my concealer. This pressed powder is hell popular, so I decided to give it a shot.

Like most people do, I really hate its packaging. It's really fragile and I've always worried in case I might misseated it. Also since I have a more oily skin, I thought it would be nice to have a pressed powder that will make my face matte for a long hours. Unfortunately, this pressed powder doesn't last enough to do its job. So, despite the hype, I feel kinda disappointed with the product. Even so, the price is amazingly affordable as it's only around Rp 110.000,- in local online stores.

Now, we are going to the third step, it's putting on a blusher! Actually, this step is not essential, it's only up to your preference though. But for me, I don't really like to leave my face plain pale, that's why I love putting on blusher. I use YSL Kiss and Blush in #8 pink hedoniste as my daily blusher.


The reason why I use cream blusher is because it works better for a natural finish. You can use this product both as blusher and lip cream. I don't recommend you to use it as lip cream alone though, since it's pretty drying. But you can mix it up with lip cream or lipstick (and don't forget to put on lip balm before anything!). Yes, it is pricey, it costs me around Rp 500.000,-, but it will last forever! Since you just need a small amount of it once applied. Also in my case, I don't need to reapply it throughout the day. Trust me, it lasts:)

The last but not least, don't ever forget to wear your lipstick! I recommend nude color for everyday use, so your make up won't look overdone. For lipstick, I use bourjois rouge edition in 31 beige shooting. For lip cream, my forever favorite is nyx lip cream in stockholm!

swatches for nyx and etude house
swatch for bourjois

I love to mix it with dear darling tint from etude house for my inner lips, so my lips will look more appealing. The price for nyx lip cream is Rp 110.000,- (at the time I bought it) and I got my darling tint from Ailsa when she went to South Korea (yey!). The price range as from Rp 45.000,- to Rp 75.000,- in Indonesia. You just gotta find the right online shop (I shop mostly at! As for Bourjois it's Rp 172.000,- and you can find it at nearest guardian or watson shop. Be cautious that the nyx lip cream tend to dry pretty easily, so don't leave its lid open for long.

All of the three lip products mention are not quite a long stayed. I need to reapplying it every 2-3 hours and every time I finish eating. Considering the cheap price, well I guess it's understandable. Even so, I rarely found a lip product to last throughout the day, not even the expensive ones. It will gradually lost the color and you will need to reapply it to keep your lips on point. On the worst side, I do have a lime crime product and the staying power is honestly crazy unless.. when you drink. The color around your inner lips will completely fade after you drink and it kinda makes it looks like a hole on your lips. So ugly! My verdict is to never fall for anyone who says 'this lip product lasts forever', not even your favorite beauty blogger!

Since I have a thick brow, I rarely use brow products. Sometimes I thread my eyebrows in the nearest beauty salon. But it grew up really fast:( So sometimes I only comb my eyebrows and use a bit of etude house the easy brow pencil to tidy it up. Perhaps, I'm going to review the product on the next post.

So, that's all for my everyday make up kit! To be completely honest, I don't really do this routine nowadays, because I had major break out last year and my dermatologist told me not to use make up so often. So, nowadays I only use my bb cushion, eyebrows pencil, blush, and lip cream once a week on weekend. It's not worth a post though, but I'll be posting my full make up routine instead in the next post. I hope you guys enjoy it and I'll see you soon in my upcoming beauty post!