Monday, August 17, 2015

Sophie Authentique: The Authentique Beauty of French Pastries

Happy Independence day Indonesia! Since Ailsa is leaving for 10 days, I'll be in charge taking care of this blog. I hope at last she will bring us some good materials to be featured here. lol. So, two weeks before her departure, I went to Sophie with her and one of our college friend. Actually right after our visit to jjang. At first we were confused to which sophie we should be visited to. I just knew lately that this one is the branch of that ones located at Kemang Selatan, my bad.

I had visited both Sophie and I could tell that, by far, this one is bigger than their first shop at Kemang Selatan. Dominated by blue, I really like the interior here. It is both sophisticated and comfy. They also have parking lot which I don't find in the ones at Kemang Selatan. lol. Even if I found it more homey in Kemang Selatan, it still troubles me with the no-parking-lot-area.

Who doesn't embrace desserts?? I think everyone does! But well, we had it way too much for desserts. Nine items including 2 cups of ice cream(30k/each), a cup of sorbet(35k) and a glass of ice tea(20k). Fortunately for us, we brought our good-eater friend here! So, we managed to finish all the desserts ordered. lol. I did tasting all desserts that we ordered, but my favorite will be Eclair(30k)! You can never go wrong with Eclair, trust me;) Though, initially I had high expectation on their Moelleux(25k). I thought it was some kind of lava cake, but I had it wrong. It tasted more like mousse, which is not my cup of tea:(

Super B Eclair!

Canele(20k) was fine and was never my favorite either as I'm more into sweet tooth. Because of that, Mille Feuille(45k) which is weekend special's menu comes up as my other favorite dessert here! It was sweet and pefectly baked! Though we had trouble dividing it as it cracks as soon as we try to slice it off. Another pastry we had here was Apple Tart(40k). The Apple Tart wasn't baked to a crisp state, which was turning me off. I thought it was going to be all crispy and crunchy with a right level of sweetness.

Mille Feuille <3 
Apple Tart

Now it's time for ice cream and sorbet! I had Banana Caramel ice cream, while Ailsa had Lemon sorbet and our friend had Nougatine ice cream. The ice cream came up with flower-shaped biscuits and pretty cups. The ice creams were, good though we were kindda disappointed to have their red velvet ice cream sold out:( As for the sorbet, you can already guess how sour was it, eh? Sorbet was never my favorite, sweet tooth comes first for sure.
Nougatine Ice Cream
Lemon Sorbet
Banana Caramel Ice Cream

Actually I really wanted to try out their baguette. Since we went there after a big lunch, I had no space left in my stomach:( Will be going back to taste their baguette for sure!

Food: 4/5
Price: 3,5/5
Ambience: 4,5/5
Service: 4/5