Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MDL: Local Taste with Western Touch

Who haven't gone for breakfasting with friends in this Ramadhan month? We're sure everyone already did at least once. So, last Thursday we have breakfasting with our peer group in UI "Geng Makan". It was actually quite hard to find restaurant with no pork menu nowadays, so we decided to go for Indonesian food at MDL, Kota Kasablanka! You can easily find MDL which located at Ground Floor of Food Society. The place has really elegant interior that scream expensive from outside lol. But you can feel a great ambiance especially from the interior. The place wasn't actually that spacious but not cramped either.

As you already know it always crowded and hard to find a restaurant for breakfasting in the Mall especially for a group of people, so we suggest you to make reservation first! Because apparently when we arrived all the tables were already reserved so people that came without reservation have to find another restaurant. It's weekday, couldn't imagine if it was weekend ergh.

Because we're fasting and hungry, we didn't even think to have Appetizer first lol so we ordered Italian Meatballs Spaghetti (75k) and Baked Dory Sambal Matah (87k) for Main Course, Martabak Ovomede (65k), and Strawberry Ice Tea (30k) and Ice Tea (17,5k) for Beverages.

The Italian Meatballs Spaghetti was pretty good especially the bolognese sauce from the spaghetti was really rich. The main attraction is the meatball! The meat was fully filled, juicy, and just simply delicious. Don't forget the mozarella on the top guys! The meatball mixed really well with the spaghetti and mozarella.

For the Baked Dory Sambal Matah, we expected it to be really spicy but it's not so don't be afraid of the visual in the menu lol. We thought that the green thing around the rice was 'cab rawit' but turned out it was like Urap with long beans and spiced grated coconut (not sure tho). The spicy taste actually came from the chilli on the top of Dory fish but the chilli wasn't that spicy as we thought. Thankfully the Dory fish was cooked really well and tastes delicious, so it was okay.

We actually pretty full but we still have their must-try menu, Martabak Ovomede! The review was really good for this one and it was delicious indeed. They use Pandan for the dough, at first we thought it was green tea because the color is green lol. That was a pretty good idea because the Pandan taste is pretty rich. For the filling, it was Ovomaltine with cheese and kacang mede. Don't know that those three can match really well! But it's a pity that the portion actually small for that price.

For the drink, the Ice Tea tastes just like any other Ice Tea of course nothing really special. The Strawberry Ice Tea came in a cute 'bowl' glass which surprisingly have the same amount with regular glass considering the glass was quite small. Not sure what tea they use but it was good and the strawberry tastes really strong.

No, we won't only reviewing what we ordered but also our friends'! So they ordered Pempek Fritata (40k), Angus Beef Burger (55k), Nasi Kebuli Package (95k), and Banana Nutella Crepe with Caramel Sauce (45k). For the Pempek, it was actually good eventhough we didn't expect much. It was crispy but soft in the inside and the pempek sauce was really good too! As for the noodles, it was okay because maybe we can still taste the flour. 

The Angus Beef Burger came with fries and really delicious. The best part is the meat which was thick, soft, and juicy. The buns was well cooked, not too soft or too crispy and the fries was good too. The meat has pretty similar tastes with the italian meatballs actually. We really recommend this one.

Special for Ramadhan month, they're offering a Nasi Kebuli Package with ta'jil, donuts, and Ice Tea. We thought we heard it wrong but what came wasn't Nasi Kebuli which suppose to have beef, it was more like Nasi Gulai Ayam with special creamy soup (or sauces) and also there's no beef inside it. We didn't complaint tho because the breakfasting time was near. It was okay for Nasi Gulai, actually nothing really special about this dish. The chicken tastes so so but the rice was pretty good. The ta'jil was Es Cendol that came in a small tall glass. But it tastes bland, maybe they should give a separate liquid sugar. The donuts was pretty good tho.

credit to mays' camera he he

For Banana Nutella Crepe with Caramel Sauce, it was good. It was crepes topped with banana, nutella, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. The crepes wasn't that floury tho and the banana, nutella, and caramel sauce really match well. From just the toppings, we can see that you will get quite full just by eating this. We sure it contains pretty much calories lol but who cares it's nutella guys.

We had a great time here especially admiring the elegant interior lol. It's a great place which not only offer local Indonesian taste but also Western taste in their dish. It's a nice and cozy place for breakfasting with your friends or just hanging out!

Food          : 4/5 (credit to Martabak Ovomede)
Price          : 3,5/5
Ambiance  : 4,5/5
Service      : 4/5