Monday, June 29, 2015

Black House: Different Theme in One Place

Hi guys! This is Ailsa writing, first, I want to say that from now on we will be posting regularly every 2 or 3 days. So, make sure to catch it up!  Now, I will be reviewing a cute-yet-chic place, Black House, Senopati! I'm so lucky to get invited by Zomato for my first foodie meet-up last month. I'm so excited when the invitation arrived hahaha i've been posting so many review and gain pretty much followers from then lol. Kay enough with the excitement, let's go to hear my story!

At first i thought i lost the way there because the road was dark but it turned that Black House located in a neighborhood. Don't worry! Eventhough it was dark, it was a quite environment which was different from another restaurant at Senopati that mostly took place at the main road and I personally really like quite place so i really like their environment!

Judging from the title maybe you guys already guess what's the main attraction of Black House? Yes, it's their different unique theme that they set for every floor! Black house itself is a 4 storey building which was originally the owner's house, that explains why it was located in a neighborhood. 

When all of us arrived, we got a tour to all part of Black House by Kak Chewy. Our original table was on the 1st floor which devided by 3 different theme which are Coffee Area, Boutique Area, and Book Area. In this floor they also have a store that sells clothes and other stuff like that, you must visit it if you want to shop for some cool clothes! It was quite dark in this floor and even if you come at noon, this floor will always be dark because it's not an open place where you can expect the sun coming from the windows (there's no window tho). This floor is pretty suitable for a hang-out or it can be for couples too! Ah, and in every area they have special drinks which you can order only if you sit at that theme placed. You will notice a board sign contains special drink's names in your area!

Boutique Area

Next to the second floor, it's my favorite theme out of all themes and i bet every girl will choose this too, Candy Area and Flower Area! The overall ambiance for both of themes is really girly with dominant pink colour. At Candy Area you can find two display contains all kind of sweets from our childhood! It's only the cover tho so you can't eat it haha. For the Flower Area, it's designed like in a florist shop with flower on the display!

Candy everywhere!

Flower Area

Wait! There's more on the second floor, what's that? The Black House Beauty Salon! The salon actually already close that day because they close at 7pm every day but Kak Chewy show it to us, lot of yeay! All of us was like "Woah" when we enter the salon. It was really really pretty and unique for a salon. You should just saw the photos and judge it for yourself! Me and Bella will try their salon soon and we will make a review!

Having so much fun taking photos lol

The third floor dedicated to music lover, Music Area! You can see the owner's collection of records and cassettes. It gives more of manly feels at this area. Black House also make a collaboration, so on this floor there's kinda-like-bar that sells Vape. For you guys who use Vape make sure to visit the third floor!

Let's move to the last and the main theme at Black House, it's Heaven Area at Rooftop! I should say that it's more suitable for couple? Hahaha maybe because it's rooftop so it's more romantic lol. But the decoration is more about American style on the left side and they just redecorate it so maybe they will have a new theme for this one! For your reminder, the rooftop is open at 6pm because at noon the sun is just too strong in Jakarta right?

After a really great tour, we finally get to eat! I was pretty surprised when Kak Qoni (she's the one who invited me and a part of Zomato's staff!) said we will have 7 dishes in total for Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert. Let's start with the Appetizer. The first one is Chicken Quesadillas. It's Quesadilla in triangle shaped that filled with shredded chicken, grilled onion, and melted cheese with salsa sauce (not sure if it's salsa or not but it similar with the one you eat with nachos tho). It's pretty cheesy and have this sour taste which i think came out form the salsa sauce. I really like the salsa sauce tho! Because it balances the taste of floury Quesadillas!

The second appetizer is Chilli Fries, french fries with ground beef and melted cheese. It's a must try dish for french fries lover like me! The fries was well cooked because it's not that crunchy and it mixes really really well with the ground beef and melted cheese. I really really love it!

Here comes the 3 Main Courses. I will start with my favorite which is Spinach Stuffed Chicken with Fries. It's a boneless chicken stuffed with spinach and corn topped with alfredo sauces and for the fries it was different with the Chilli Fries because it's seasoned with spices. It tastes really really good eventho you're not a veggie person because the chicken covered the taste of spinach really well so you won't really taste the spinach, just a little bit!

The second one is Asian Fried Noodles. It's "Mie Goreng" that served with chicken katsu and sunny side up. I'm not a big fans of fried noodles, but this one is really good. They spice it well so it has savory tastes that different with any other fried noodles and it's not too oily which is good, but it's quite spicy tho. The chicken katsu is soft in the inside and pretty crunchy on the outside!

The last main course is Black House's new menu, Black House Rice Bowl. Of course there's rice (a special rice to be exact) at the bottom topped with beef patty, spinach, sweet corn and omelette. Because the rice bowl was last to served, i was pretty full so i only ate two spoons of it. Doesn't mean it wasn't delicious, it was really good and has a rich taste that came from the rice. My favorite is surely the beef patty!  It's really tasty and juicy, i just can't resist meat tummy i'm so sorry.

There's always second tummy for desserts right? Hahaha so i will introduce you to 2 main star of Black House's dessert, Ugly Nutella and Black Milo. Cute name, isn't it? As you can see at the pic, they put it on a special plate with special arrangement for us! It usually served like brownies tho so don't worry you about only getting a little pieces of it lol. At the top is Ugly Nutella. It's actually a brownies but they didn't use flour so it wasn't greasy and you can taste the rich flavor of nutella. The one at the bottom is Black Milo. I really love Black Milo rather tahn Ugly Nutella tho. At the bottom is a nougat which i really really like and it perfectly balances the sweetness of chocolate taste! Definitely my fav!

For the beverages, i ordered Paris Night and New York Morning. It's pretty much taste like chocolate milkshake with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherry on top and has rich taste of chocolate and pretty thick actually so please don't drink it too much before eating or you will get a full tummy beforehand hoho.

Ice Strawberry Cheese Cake; not mine

Sweetest Taboo Mocktail; also not mine

Wow that was quite a long review, but it's worth it! It's really a nice place to hang out and for couple too. Definitely will come back with Bella to try their salon, please wait for the salon's review! Thank you Kak Qoni and Kak Chewy!

Food          : 4,5/5
Price          : 4/5
Ambiance  : 4/5
Service      : 4,5/5