Friday, August 28, 2015

10D/9N Busan and Seoul Backpacker Itinerary, Accomodation, Backpacker's Tips!

Hello! This is Ailsa writing and this post will be our first post about Travelling! Some of you maybe know that recently i went to South Korea for a holiday. This is my second time been to Korea but actually my first time as a backpacker because my parents usually just go with a travel. This is actually a pre-post hahaha yes i will write my travel stories including directions and so on and divided it to many parts since i spent 10 days in Busan and Seoul so please wait for it! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sophie Authentique: The Authentique Beauty of French Pastries

Happy Independence day Indonesia! Since Ailsa is leaving for 10 days, I'll be in charge taking care of this blog. I hope at last she will bring us some good materials to be featured here. lol. So, two weeks before her departure, I went to Sophie with her and one of our college friend. Actually right after our visit to jjang. At first we were confused to which sophie we should be visited to. I just knew lately that this one is the branch of that ones located at Kemang Selatan, my bad.

I had visited both Sophie and I could tell that, by far, this one is bigger than their first shop at Kemang Selatan. Dominated by blue, I really like the interior here. It is both sophisticated and comfy. They also have parking lot which I don't find in the ones at Kemang Selatan. lol. Even if I found it more homey in Kemang Selatan, it still troubles me with the no-parking-lot-area.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Korean Jjajangmyeon Noodles - Jjang Korean Noodles and Grill

Hi hi! Who is a fans of Korean drama? If you are, then you must be familiar with the Black Bean Noodles or Jjajangmyeon right? For those who don’t know, Jjajangmyeon is a mix Korean and Chinese cuisine which is a noodle with thick black bean soy sauce that always ordered as an take out or delivery in Korean drama. There are so many korean restaurant now in Jakarta but it’s really hard to find Jjajangmyeon especially a no-pork restaurant. But! There’s a new restaurant in Senopati that sell Jjajangmyeon and of course other Korean foods withouth pork and lizard meat, it’s Jjang-Korean Noodles and Grill!

Located at the main street of Senopati, Jjang is on the 2nd floor of Kambing Bakar Cairo and just across Born Ga Restaurant. We went there with one of our friend and it was lunch but there were only couple of seats that equipped. The place wasn’t big, actually it was pretty small but with the Korean scenery wallpaper and the wooden theme, the ambiance of Jjang will really makes you feel like you’re in Korea!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 3: See You Bandung!

Welcome back everyone, how are you?? We're back from long Holiday! First we want to say Happy Eid Al-Fitr to all our Muslim friends all over the world! May the joy be with us guys. Here is the third part of my three-days trip to Bandung! Yeah right, this is Bella's writting here. lol. Without much unnecessary explaination, let me start my third day journey!

So, since this is the last day, I actually wanted to gather and meet all my friends this day. Too bad, most of them are busy preparing the exams since its on their exam week. Fortunately, I got to meet my other bestfriend on my very last day in Bandung. She used to be my partner in crime pal in term of shopping and culinary trips. We both share the same hobbies; never worry to spend money on things you like. lol.

Jump on to the foods I want to review here, I went to Hakata Ikkousha Bandung. I know that I can find it in Jakarta too, but what makes it special here is that they only serve halal foods. So, for you who really curious about this ramen but never try to taste it since you are afraid of what it contains, you can come to Bandung for a worry free Hakata Ikkousha ramen!