Monday, April 3, 2017

Beauty: My Everyday Make-Up Kit and Product Review! (for beginner)

Hello everyone, this is Bella! It's been forever since the last time I posted up on this blog. Honestly this post was made like last year. I've been so busy making events at my campus and internship respectively. Right now, I'm in my senior year and currently in the middle of finishing my undergraduate thesis. Wish me luck!! So, in order to treat your disappointment, me and Ailsa decided to post beauty and travel reviews instead (we are so busy on our own final assignment to hang out for new places though). Previously, Ailsa had already posted her korean skin care and make up haul plus her infamous hair coloring post. Well, this is my first ever beauty post, yet I hope it will still satisfy your expectation. This time, I'll post my everyday make up kit since people have been asking me that on my askfm. Let's get it started!

Before we start, I'd like to remind you that these products may not be suitable for your skin type and tone. I have a yellowish skin tone, like most Asian people do, in a lighter color. It's just bright, more like beige and not that fair. For my skin type, I have an oily-combination skin, which is why I need to reapply my face powder more often to keep it matte. Lastly, if Ailsa is more into Korean or Asian products, I use western brands more. I have no special reason for that though, only because I'm used to it and it's easier to get here. Even though I started to develop interest in more affordable (yet super good) korean make ups and skin care too!

Okay so, I'm going to list the products in terms of its sequence when used. The first ones of my everyday make up routine is concealers! I use three concealers here; maybelline fit me in sand, manhattan in 002 classic beige, and max factor master touch concealer in ivory.  (You can see the products and swatches bellow, it's in order anyways)

Manhattan | Maybelline | Max Factor