Monday, June 29, 2015

Black House: Different Theme in One Place

Hi guys! This is Ailsa writing, first, I want to say that from now on we will be posting regularly every 2 or 3 days. So, make sure to catch it up!  Now, I will be reviewing a cute-yet-chic place, Black House, Senopati! I'm so lucky to get invited by Zomato for my first foodie meet-up last month. I'm so excited when the invitation arrived hahaha i've been posting so many review and gain pretty much followers from then lol. Kay enough with the excitement, let's go to hear my story!

At first i thought i lost the way there because the road was dark but it turned that Black House located in a neighborhood. Don't worry! Eventhough it was dark, it was a quite environment which was different from another restaurant at Senopati that mostly took place at the main road and I personally really like quite place so i really like their environment!

Judging from the title maybe you guys already guess what's the main attraction of Black House? Yes, it's their different unique theme that they set for every floor! Black house itself is a 4 storey building which was originally the owner's house, that explains why it was located in a neighborhood. 

When all of us arrived, we got a tour to all part of Black House by Kak Chewy. Our original table was on the 1st floor which devided by 3 different theme which are Coffee Area, Boutique Area, and Book Area. In this floor they also have a store that sells clothes and other stuff like that, you must visit it if you want to shop for some cool clothes! It was quite dark in this floor and even if you come at noon, this floor will always be dark because it's not an open place where you can expect the sun coming from the windows (there's no window tho). This floor is pretty suitable for a hang-out or it can be for couples too! Ah, and in every area they have special drinks which you can order only if you sit at that theme placed. You will notice a board sign contains special drink's names in your area!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Zenbu: Cheezy Japanese Dining

Hello guys! For our second post we will reviewing a hot place for satisfying your Japanese taste-buds, The House of Mozaru, Zenbu! We came to the branch in Kota Kasablanka around 2 months ago. Located exactly one floor below Sushi Tei, which is actually a bit secluded even for us who are really familiar with Kota Kasablanka lol, and it’s a Japanese restaurant so of course the theme is all about Japanese maybe kinda more like Japanese street-food style. We never been at Japan before but images on Google pretty convincing about this street-food style lmao. The place was pretty big with mostly sofa-seated except the one at the center  so we request for that seat because it’s different and kinda cute with the wooden decoration at the side. Also there's a transparant kitchen so you can see the chef cooking your meal! We didn’t have a good sight of it because we sat pretty far for the kitchen huf too bad.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Casadina Kitchen & Bakery: Big Plate for Big Tummy!

Welcome to our first post yeay! We’re really excited to start our first restaurant’s review of that “IT” places to hang out, Casadina Kitchen & Bakery, Kuningan! It located exactly inside Apartment Rasuna Tower 17 opposite Epicentrum Mall. If you came from Kuningan, you can go to that alley beside Pasar Festival which lead you to Epicentrum Mall then make a U-turn in front of it and tadaaa you can perfectly see Casadina’s sign on your left. Because it’s really near to the U-turn, dont’ miss out the entrance! (because we nearly did hehe). The entrance to Casadina was a bit confusing for us at first because it’s near the alley between Casadina and the nearest bulding apartment, so please don’t be confuse like we did lol.

The waiter kindly welcome us and we sat in front of the counter just beside the window.  We asked the waiter about their main courses specialty and he recommend us to order which were Chicken Parmagiana (65k) and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Breast (65k). For the drink we ordered Green Tea Almond Milk (35k) from their Healthy Crushes and Slushes (its their specialty for beverages) and Candy Mint Chocolate (35k). After ordering, we scanned through the menu again and decided to add Chilli Salted Dusted Calamari (55k) for Appetizer. We suggest you to ask the waiter about their specialty, you may find it hard to choose what to order because all the dishes’ name (yes the name) looks really good!

The square-pizza-pan-like menu

Friday, June 19, 2015

First Post; Hello! This is Ailsa & Bella!

Hello fellas!

This is Ailsa & Bella's new blog! We decided to make a joint blog which will contains a lottttttt of foods and restaurant review mostly took place in Jakarta, travel stories (if one of us did one lol), and mixed dough where you can request what you want us to blog! 

Let us introduce ourself:
Name: Ailsa Chairani
Nickname: Caca
Currently on 5th terms at Universitas Indonesia majoring Accounting
Interest: Eat!, travelling, reading, k-pop, and k-dramas

Name: Astrid Belladina Victoria
Nickname: Bella
Currently on 5th terms at Universitas Indonesia majoring Management
Interest: Foodies, design, photography, k-dramas

We met around a year ago? Hahaha it was through our mutual friend on campus and not even sure how we became close.... maybe through eating lmao. Most of the time we eat together especially after campus with our other friends too! Not long ago we became really diligent posting our restaurant's review on our Zomato account and tadaaaaaa, finally we decided to make a joint blog! Hahaha enough with the introduction, we will post a review soon! So please look forward to our blog and we always welcome your comment, request, and feedback about our blog through this blog or you can contact us through one of our media social at the right side! 잘 부탁드립니다 ㅁㅗㅁ (mean: please take a good care of us!)