Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bingsoo Craze: Bing Go Authentic Korean Dessert Cafe

Hi guys, it's been a long time isn't it? This is Ailsa and we're really sorry that we've took weeks off because we've been so caught up with our mid-exam, the preparation, and other stuff (cry). Anyway, i'm so excited to write this post! Wondering why? Well, i will introduce you to another newly open Bingsu Cafe that will become our favorite dessert place in town yeayyyy. Bingsu is pretty popular nowadays so i think the business work smoothly and now there are many places that especially serve Bingsu owned by real Korean including Bing Go. Curious what's so special about Bing Go? Let's go!

Located in the Upper Ground Floor of Gandaria City Mall, you can easily find Bing Go just accross Nanny's Pavilon. The place was quite big, with outdoor seats, and really bright with those pretty lights on. We went there on weekday so the place wasn't crowded.

Pretty lamp decoration